How much tip you should give to a poker online Indonesia dealer after winning?

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After winning a poker tournament there is a lot of rush and excitement and people often forget to tip the poker dealer. In the case of tournaments, dealers do not get tips after every pot won. So unlike cash games, poker online Indonesia tournament dealers get a tip when the tournament ends. Tips are pooled and then collected from all the players who have donated. Generally, the winner can immediately give a tip after receiving the winning amount.

But how much tip should one give?

There is not a fixed rule for tipping and all players have their own ideas. Most players agree to the fact that those who do not win in the tournament are not required to tip the dealer too.

For those players who make some win are tipping depending on what percentage of the prize they have won and are taking from the dealers.

In many of the tournaments, the dealers are giving guaranteed tips on top of their little wages by one or the other methods.

  1. An optional dealer add-on fee
  2. Cut from the pool prize

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Let us start with the second number.

There are various tournaments in which the small percentage often 3% is taken out form the total pool prize and are then given back to the dealers as the tip. The casino who is running the tournament will inform the players ahead of the tournaments. This would be usually in the form of a small printed flier or might be at the desk where you are buying the tournament.

In the main, even of the world series of poker, the examples have been reported that 3 percent of the prize pool is given to the tournament staff. However, ESPN has also reported that in that 3 percent only 60 percent are actually going to the main dealers. This means that the dealers are getting a very small part of it and are sometimes less than 8$ per hour. Sometimes it is also calculated as 1.8 percent of the pool prize.

The second option is called the dealer add-on. In this, the players are given choice before the starting of the tournaments. If they want to add their stack by purchasing the chips for a fee. That fee will be given to the dealers as the tip and will not be taken to the casino or into pool prize.

This dealer add-on is also included in the no-limit hold’em tournaments and particularly to the smaller buy-in tournaments. In this kind of situation, the players are having the option to pay the additional amount as the entry fee which is often between 5 to 25 dollars.