Basic Tips for Getting Started with Poker

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Before you even play your first poker game, and if you are too impatient to watch broadcasts, observe at least a few turns on a table in an online game, so that you can have the rules in mind. Click here for slot online deposit pulsa.

Poker is a game

Don’t go crazy when you lose or get bad beat (when you win a very large majority of cases, but the card releases mean you lose in the end).

Poker is a game of cards… and attitude

Bluffing is an integral part of the game, and you will quickly realize it. Unless you are more of a risk taker, you will start to play a little “defensively”, only playing the shots when you have only good cards, and you will face you “aggressive” players, who bet often. Obviously, they don’t have an extreme chance, but by playing often you cannot have sight of their hand, to know if they have good cards or if they are bluffing. Click here for slot online deposit pulsa.

Online Casinos sites

Before playing, you make a choice and stick to it

Are you going to play for real money, and if so, how much? Poker is very addictive, and can make you spend a lot of money, so you have to be very careful with this. For my part, I always started with “freerolls”, which are free tournaments, where the sums to be won are very modest (sometimes only a few cents), but which allow you to gain experience, and build up a very small capital to start playing with the money you have won. It takes patience, but allows you not to invest money, and therefore to be less afraid of losing what you have as a bankroll (your wallet of money on the online room on which you play).

Take notes

Finally, the last thing to take into account, and which I can advise you if you want to get into poker, is to take notes. After each session (or even during, what I did when I was starting out), take notes on the moves that marked you, whether you won them, lost them, or even if you were only an observer of the move played by others players. This will allow you afterwards to think about your way of playing, to see if in certain situations you tend to invest too much in certain moves or on the contrary to fold too quickly in front of opposing bets or raises. I learned a lot from my notes.

And also, to progress, you have to play, observe, read, watch games, in short inform yourself and analyze, poker requires a lot of thought if you want to improve your level.