Poker has become more and more popular in recent years. One of the main reasons for this is the advances in modern technology. People can now access exciting casino games with ease no matter where they are. They can play through their smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops anytime. There are several things you should know before going to ทางเข้า W88 and play Poker or other casino games.

Common terms

There are a few terms every player needs to know before diving into specific games. Not knowing these can confuse you all throughout the game.


This is the least amount a player can wager to join the action of the game.


This refers to the money, in chip form, placed on the table before the dealer gives out cards. There are two blinds in Poker, the small and big blinds. Blinds rotate from one player to another every new deal.


A call indicates that a player is willing to match the raised amount in a new wager placed.


A player may check if there is no new wager made and that player does not want to raise the bet.


A player may increase the table bet by raising.

Aside from these basic Poker terms, it is best to know the specific guidelines for every Poker game. You should know the following before you join a game.

  • Does a high hand or low hand win in the game? Some games offer hi/low where the high hand and the low hand split the pot.
  • Is an Ace high or low?
  • Are there any wildcards? What are the restrictions surrounding these wildcards, if any?
  • How much is the pot limit for every single hand?
  • What kind of deck does the game use? Some games use the typical 52-card deck while others use a 48-card royal deck. A royal deck is a combination of two decks that use only cards 9-A.
  • What payment methods can you use? Most casinos offer different methods for depositing and withdrawing.

It would also be ideal to check out the casino before you register an account and top up. Make sure it has a proper license and the customer service is available if you will be needing help. It would be best if you can contact their customer support through email, chat, and phone. Check out feedback from other customers through the internet if you are in doubt. This information is very easy to get from various websites so take advantage of it.