Guide to playing for beginners: What You Should Do

When you want to play slot machines back in the day you would want to be in Vegas or go to a casino near you. Land-based casinos have given satisfaction to many. Now with the help of modern technology. Players can play this game in the comfort of their homes.

The large following of online casinos drives physical casinos to start transitioning online.

The most popular game for casinos online

With that said online slots like casino online if not the most popular would be one of the most popular games played online. Players love playing slot machines compared to other games available.

With almost 50% of players playing online slots.  Here are some reasons that might help you understand why.

  • Slot machines are simple, fun and entertaining.
  • It is easy to understand and less complex than other online games.
  • You can play this game alone and only compete with your last spin.
  • Instant payouts with one spin. That is if you are lucky.

Things to consider before you start playing online slot

Before you start betting real money in playing online. You should understand the flow and process of the game. We don’t want you going bankrupt. Here are things that you need to know before you start playing online slots and getting a higher payout.

  1. RNG and RTP

Random number generator (RNG).  A software that is responsible for generating or creating a random sequence in every spin. 100% of online games use this platform to get a customized result in every spin. Every spin you make will not have a similar pattern because of RNG

Return to player percentage (RTP).  A percentage of the slot will be giving back to its player’s overtime. Always remember that there is no chance that you will be getting a 100% RTP. Casinos usually have 94% to 96% RTP. This is their way of earning from each player.

But there are online slots that may provide a 99% RTP. Here are some of those casinos.

  • Nemo’s Voyage by WMS
  • Tropic Reels by Playtech
  • Mega Joker Jackpot by NetEnt
  1. What is required to play online

Like any other sites for adults. Online gaming websites also require age restriction.  Only those 18 and above can access this type of website. Some are even more strict than they raise the limit only to those that are 21 and above. Online casinos will have you go through the registration process. The casino will need accurate information before you can proceed. All this information provided will go through a process. The casino will then verify the player for valid documents. This is to prove the player’s identity.

Your computer should also meet certain requirements to play online. Online slots have hardware requirements for each device. (Smartphone, Desktop, Laptop, Tablets)


Online games such as casinos are very inviting and will offer bonuses that you can’t decline. So make sure that you have your limitations. Choose which game you are comfortable with before spending real money. Also, even if the process is strict, there will always be casinos that are operating to fraud players. As these casinos are not regulated. So be sure to choose your casino. And to close stop trying to trick the game and enjoy it.