Playing Blackjack: Terms You Should Know

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Playing Blackjack is fun and easy. The gameplay and rules are simple enough even for beginners. Some of the terms in Blackjack can be a bit confusing. Being familiar with the words used in the game is very helpful.


The name of the game is also used to refer to the highest hand of the game. It contains an Ace and a face card. Back in the days, Blackjack only refers to a hand with a black Jack and an Ace. This hand pays out at 3 to 1.


If the total point value of your hand goes over 21, it is a bust and results in an automatic loss.

Card counting

This refers to a strategy used by professionals to determine the ratio of high cards to low cards in the deck. The player adjusts his or her bet based on the ratio.


In Blackjack, it is more common to refer to it as a Hit. It means you want to receive another card from the dealer.

Early surrender

You can surrender your cards before the dealer checks his or her hole card. This will end the game and you get back half of your bet.

Face cards

These cards are worth 10 points each. Face cards are Jack, Queen, and King.

Hard hand

A hard hand is a hand that has no Ace. It is also a hand that has an Ace but the Ace counts as 1 to avoid going bust.

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Hole card

It is the face down card of the dealer.

Late surrender

If you surrender after the dealer already checked his hole card, you cannot get half of your bet anymore.

Soft hand

A hand that has an Ace counted as 11 without the hand going bust is a soft hand. It also refers to a hand with an Ace counted as 1 without going bust.


If you stand, it means you do not want to take more cards from the dealer.

Stiff hand

A stiff hand is when the total value of your cards is between 12 to 16. It is more likely to bust when you get another card.

Playing more often will help you be familiar with these Blackjack terms and more. You can play at various online casinos, like Beike BK-777, if you want to gain more experience in Blackjack.