Online casino games- the different kinds

Gambling is fun and very exciting, so people like to spend time on this for hours. Now, we can play live online casino games at the comfort of our home and enjoy. In this article, let us see some of the different types of online casino games.


Online casino slot machines work exactly the same way as in the real world. You have to place the bet and pull a lever which makes the number of drums to spin around when it comes to rest, the images line up and different configurations of images result in different prizes.

Video Poker:

Assembling the most possible poker hand is the objective of this game. You have to place a bet. A machine gives you 5 cards initially and then you will be given a choice to discard some cards and keep the remaining ones and the machine gives new cards to you. The idea here is you have to bring in a better hand with the cards given to you.


This is a table game whose objective is to get 21 points by adding up the face value of the playing cards. All face cards are worth 10 points, ace worth 1 or 11points and the numeric cards are worth the value on it. You will be given 2 cards initially. You can call for more until you bust. The winner gets paid at 1:1 odds.


This is one of the popular online casino games in that is often referred to as the king of casino games. This game is purely based on chance. The game has a wheel which has a numbered slot inside. The dealer will spin the wheel and drop a ball onto it. You have to place a bet on the number where you think the ball will land on the wheel. If you are correct, you win big.


This is a dice game in which the players bet on the outcome of the roll. That is, you place a bet with your friends to get 7 or 11 by rolling the dice. If you succeed, you win.


The objective of this game is to get a face value of 9 or as close as possible. You draw 2 cards and add up their value and if the value is 10 or greater, then the first digit is discarded. If you guessed correctly, then you win and get paid out.

There are various live online casino games available free for you to play and enjoy.