Important Terms Each Slots Player Needs to Know

Slot Machine Games

There is nothing worse than to be ‘down with a scene’ whereas not knowing what people are talking in that scene. Think of those really awkward times where old people have reacted to certain news by messaging LOL, and thinking it states lots of love. Don’t let this happen to you ever when playing สูตรสล็อตxo casino online. Find the list of important slots terms, and you will fit right with regulars immediately.

Pay table

It is where you will find all information about โหลดโปรแกรมสแกนสล็อตxo slots machine game you are playing. You can see how much every symbol is worth, and where pay lines run, how bonus games work, or what slot’s features are.


They are the lines that you have to match the symbols on across the slot’s reels. Many different slots machine games make use of different line patterns; however you can see these paylines just by looking at the game’s pay table.

Slot Machine Games

Coin size

Do not get it confused with the bet amount and bet total. The coin size is a number of coins that you would like to bet on every line. For instance, if you are playing on 25 line slot games and the bet amount is around 1 cent & your coin size 1, then your total bet can be 25 cents. However, if you ever change the coin size to three, you will bet 3 cents every line, and making the bet total to 75 cents. Internet casinos & live casinos provide the quality games for different kinds of the players to get entertainment. Learning a bit more about both the categories can help you know which options can work out good for you.  There are some slots & casino slot games online that need you to bet some number of coins for qualify for the bonus games and jackpots.

Bet max

The bet max is one function you will find on most of the slots games. It is the button that you will press to place maximum amount of the coins on every spin. Keep in mind that you check your game’s paytable before starting to play and see if you want to bet max to enter any bonus round and play for the progressive jackpot.


Suppose pressing and clicking the button feels too much effort, not to worry: you may use auto spin feature. Autospin feature allows you to choose some number of spins, then the slot machine automatically plays through this when you sit back & relax. Most of the autospin features can still stop for the short time while you land the win, thus you can see how much money you have collected.