How to play baccarat game online?

How to play baccarat game online

Playing card with our friends, family or colleagues will give us fun and make us more entertainment. You used to play this game when you were a small kid. Even many children are interested in playing this game. And now to make you more enjoyable, this game is available on many websites. You can now play through online by resting at your home and immediately after work. There are certain rules to be followed while playing these games in online. The rules may differ from one country to the other but the rules will remain simple and easy for all the countries. Get different types of สูตรบาคาร่าฟรี game to play through online.

Basic rules to play card

The card is played by using dice that are rolled which have numbers on them. The dice look in white color whereas the numbers are represented by black dots. The black dots appear on each side of the dice. This game is mostly played between family members and friends to make fun and entertainment. And now casino game is played through online by the simple set of rules. Some of the rules are,

  • There can be two to four players.
  • Dealing can be done by placing money. The tiles that are opened are based on the players and the rest of the tiles are faced down.
  • Check – continuing the game without adding an additional amount of money.
  • Fold – The player has dropped out and should not display his/her hands.
  • Call – The game ends by which the required point is reached.
  • Raising the bet – This can be done for making more money. The player announces to increase the money.


How is ranking in a baccarat game?

The ranking in a baccarat game is done by the player who is a winner. The hand which wins the pot is considered as the winner of the game. The winning player is ranked from the topmost to lowermost. There are different types of ranking such as

  • Royal Hand – five doubles where the zero and one are removed.
  • Straight sixes – sequences with the number six.
  • Four doubles – a single player only be allowed to have four doubles
  • Straight fives – sequence with the number five.
  • Full house – any two suits and three doubles.
  • Straight fours – sequence with the number four.
  • Triple – three doubles
  • Flush – the same suit have five tiles
  • One pair – any two highest double.
  • High card – winner is represented by the double and highest suits.