Utilize These Winning Strategies on Your Next 49s Lottery Draw

Utilize These Winning Strategies on Your Next 49s Lottery Draw

Luck is always subjective in terms of usability. Some people would consider having a large amount of luck to be a bonus in their lives, while others would consider it nothing more than just superstition. Each person is entitled to believe what they want to utilize luck as a factor. However, you cannot deny that this hidden but straightforward trait can benefit if it works in your favor.

One great example is the usage of lottery-based drawings. You can never tell if your pick of numbers would end up being the number that can rake you the jackpot prize. However, there is always a minuscule chance that you can end up as the winner. That tiny change is more than enough to change your life completely.

Teatime results

You can turn from a simple homeless beggar to one of the world’s wealthiest people with just one lucky chance on the lottery. Although, be warned that your real chances of winning are slim to none at best. This small change may drive most people to quit trying their luck to win, but there are known methods to bump up the chances even by a small margin. After all, there is no harm in making yourself just a tad luckier than before. You can utilize these methods on the popular UK lottery 49s drawings on their Teatime results.

Full Wheel

This method of choosing numbers would bring you to pick all the digits ranging from 1 to 49. You will find that this particular strategy may be the hardest to win the jackpot prize in total. However, you can use this method to increase the likelihood of winning the smaller rewards and work your way into being richer slowly but surely.

All the possible combinations between those numbers are part of this kind of lottery draw. You need to invest a bit more time and effort when planning your number choices, should you choose this particular method.

Key Number Wheeling

Some people would prefer to go all-in with their bets and go for the big one every time. This particular method would involve you having a significantly smaller pool of combinations to work with. However, this will also increase the level of competition.

You need to score the exact numbers in the appropriate order to achieve the grand jackpot prize. A total of 113 mixes can happen alongside the key number chosen for that particular day.